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Raised in a Buddhist household
 by a shamanic mother and a politically active father, 
 spiritual healing and social activism are profoundly personal to me. 
Tsunemi Maehara Rooney, LPC




My clinical work is rooted in the teaching of Buddhism's liberating ideals of personal growth and collective social transformation. As a Social Justice, Client-Defined, Trauma-informed, and Strength-Based therapist, my approach is to see presented issues in broader socio-cultural and historical contexts while respecting your unique individuality without trying to fit you into a theoretical orientation.



In working with you, I am direct with solutions and results in mind, and readily share with you how I experience you. I believe the anecdote of exhaustion is not about doing less but to do life wholeheartedly. Therefore, I connect with you deeply and  I often remember everything you say during the sessions, well, almost.  I approach each session as if it is the last session bringing forth my professional training, life experience, warmth, and humility.


Our goal in working together as a team is to increase your awareness of your needs, behavior patterns, and responsiveness to yourself and the world around you in order to further fulfill your innate potentials.

Tsunemi Maehara Rooney, LPC (she/hers)


Psychotherapy, Social Justice, Buddhism  


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