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As a Social Justice and Culturally Appropriate Counselor and a graduate of Transpersonal Counseling Psychology, I take a holistic view of human psychology integrating 7 principles in working with you.

  1. Therapist’s Critical Consciousness/Power and Privilege - critical consciousness is characterized by two processes: critical self-reflection and power analysis

  2. Client-defined/Collaboration/Team work - therapist and client play an active role in the therapeutic relationship, which includes a definition of the issues and strategies for change.

  3. Trauma-informed/Context/Social locations/History - acknowledgement of the role that context plays in the presented issues. The therapist takes into account larger social forces, such as heterosexism, anti-Semitism, racism, sexism, classism, ableism, and such that contribute to the client’s issues

  4. Strength-based/Competence - the therapist’s acknowledgement and understanding of a client’s resources and strengths that can contribute to the therapeutic process

  5. Community - community is defined in terms of heritage, family, friends, interests, places of residence, and common organizational affiliation from which the client can acquire support and resources and can also make contributions to the community

  6. Collective Liberation/Beyond self – client’s desire to serve and work toward liberation from suffering which takes self beyond own suffering 

  7. Spirituality - therapist's view of human suffering and evolution as spiritual phenomena that include experiences such as mystical, intuitive, creative state of consciousness, and contemplative practice



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Life Coaching

I will pick you up when you fall. I will remind you why you want this. I will explore “hows” with you. We’ll discover, clarify, and align with what you want to achieve, encourage self-discovery, and develop client-generated solutions and strategies. Life coaching inspires the natural motivation that is within you and then helps you stay “on track” to actually accomplish your personal goals.


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Clinical Supervision

This Clinical Supervision group examines client cases through the lenses of Social Justice Counseling and its multifaceted approach in which while counselors  strive to simultaneously promote human development and the common good  through value of counseling itself as a mechanism of social change.


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Intelligence plus character -

that is the goal of true education

         - Martin Luther King Jr.


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Tsunemi Maehara Rooney, LPC (she/hers)


Psychotherapy, Social Justice, Buddhism  


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