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Life Coaching


Do you have a dream?

It may sound cliche but I mean it.  What are your dreams?

Why hire a coach?

Because life is easier when there’s someone who is rooting for you.

Because you want

  • to be accountable for yourself.

  • to work in a team

  • to have successful transition

  • to have creative juice flow

  • to simplify your life

  • to have deeper and meaningful relationship

  • to redefine your existence in the world

  • to be motivated and inspired within yoursef

  • to be relaxed and have fun

  • to seek life with curiosity

  • to be a full human


In a nut shell, this is how it works.

1.     Start with your goal(s) 

2.     Create initial plan(s)

3.     Explore possible roadblocks and familiar challenges

4.     Implement the most powerful action plans

5.     Have fun with it


Your part…

Ready for Mind,Body, and Spirit desciplines to optimize performance and enjoy the fruit of your labor, the awareness and tools that last for life time.

Picture yourself being an Olympian, pick a choice of your favorite sports.


My part… 

Life coaching inspires the natural motivation that is within you and then helps you stay “on track” to actually accomplish your personal goals. I will  build on your strengths, encouraging you to stretch and take intelligent and meaningful risks, aligned with your values, goals, and vision. 





FEES:Packages can be customized by your requests.

One Month Introductory Package - $540

  • 2-60 minute coaching sessions

  • 4-15 minute phone support in between sessions

  • Unlimited e-mail support/consultations

Three Month Package -$1,620

  •  2-60 minute coaching sessions per month

  • 4-15 minute phone support sessions per month

  • Unlimited-e-mail support/consultations 

Six Month Package  $3,240

  • 2-60 minute coaching sessions per month

  • 4-15 minute phone support sessions per month

  • Unlimited email support/consultation 

Tsunemi Maehara Rooney, LPC (she/hers)


Psychotherapy, Social Justice, Buddhism  


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